Saturday, January 30, 2021

Gravitational Waves: Listen to Them

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Ed Hessler

Writing for Science News , Emily Conover and Nadieh Bremer explore every gravitational wave event spotted to far. The fifty events shown in a splendid interactive graphic, some with sound (the music of  spheres?), reveal the similarities and differences in these cosmic smashups.

View and listen at the link above--the blue rings marked with the music symbol--click on the outer ring to hear these other worldly sounds and their variety.

Detection of these waves was an incredible achievement involving many scientists, engineers, construction workers, technicians, administrators, office staff, and others.

The result amazes and the graphic gives you an idea of what has been learned so far and also what remains for future graduate students, post-docs and their professors to learn. I like the way the authors put it:  'Welcome to a new era of astronomy in which black holes and neutron stars regularly communicate their secrets to Earth."

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