Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Poem

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Ed Hessler

From CGEE, Hamline University, welcome to March 5th, the 64th day of the year which places 17.53% of 2021 in the past.

There will be 11 h 23 m 7 s of daylight, the sun rising at 6:42 am and setting at 6:05 pm. On Monday, March 1 we celebrated Spring #1, known as meteorological spring on (based on average temperature); on March 20, Spring #2, known as the Vernal Equinox (based on when the direct rays of the sun are directly on the equator). It arrives at 4:36 am. Here is further explanation.

It is National Cheese Doodle Day and Foodimentary provides 5 things about the Cheese Doodle followed by some highlights in food history.

Potent Quote. Species are like "individual letters which go to make a sentence unintelligible, so the extinction of the numerous forms of life which the progress of cultivation  invariably entails will necessarily render obscure this invaluable record of the past.--Alfred Russel Wallace, 1863. On the Physical Geography of the Malay Archipelago. J. Royal Geographical Society 33: 217-34

Today's poem is by Margaret Atwood.

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