Friday, March 5, 2021

Minnesota's Seasons: Updated

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Ed Hessler

Paul Huttner is Minnesota Public Radio's chief meteorologist. On the Updraft weather notes for March 3 he listed the new Minnesota's seasons. This, on the occasion of what he called "the spring of deception." It has been warmer and much less snowier than the normal. We know that snows of various sizes are still possible but it is unlikely to be so cold.. Huttner referred to them as seasonal memes but this cultural fad had not reached me or me it so I suspect posting them will be yesterday's news. Nevertheless, I liked them. 

And about that 3rd winter...we wait to see what the atmosphere does in the next few weeks.

  • Winter

  • Fool's Spring

  • Second Winter

  • Spring of Deception (You are here!)

  • Third Winter

  • Actual Spring

  • Summer

  • False Fall

  • Second Summer

  • Actual Fall

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