Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday Poem

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Good morning from CGEE, Hamline University, Saint Paul on March 19 2021, the 63rd day of the year of which 2 months 4 days or 17.26% have passed.

Sunrise is at 7:17am, followed by sunset at 7:24 pm giving us 12h 07m 04s sunlight.

We have another spring to celebrate, March 20 tomorrow at 4:27 am. It is the one rooted in the cosmos. The last announcement I made for spring was meteorological spring on March 1. They are different. Viva!  This is what the Farmer's Almanac has to say about them.

It is National Oatmeal Cookie Day and the photo at Foodimentary looks like a yummy favorite: soft not crispy, good with or without raisins. In addition to the photo are the usual facts about the food of the day, a quote, fun facts and today's food history.

The Quote. No matter what, a nurse will be at your bedside doing everything they can to save your life while risking their own lives as well as their families. Let our sacrifices become well worth the effort.--Nurse Raymond Joe on COVID-19  (Letter Navajo Times, Read it if you have time. It is in hands, hearts, commitments and expertise like his that nurses continue to care for us when we are sick. Unfortunately, Mr. Joe died in December from COVID-19.

Today's poem is the first poem to be published in American Life in Poetry as Kwame Dawes assumes editorship of this column. See here for information about him and the poem, one that had been published years earlier in that weekly column. Some scrolling and clicking required.

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