Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Lies Plants and Animals Use to Protect Themselves and Catch Others

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Ed Hessler

I must start keeping a checklist which would include a reminder to check whether there is a new ZeFrank video.

Fortunately, two biologists do, one tells the other and then one of them posts the latest on his website. The advantage of this is that the latter is a first rate evolutionary biologist so you get informed commentary as well.

Jerry Coyne, professor emeritus at the University of Chicago posted the most recent one in the ongoing series True Facts. It is about the ways animals and plants play pretend and is known as mimicry. These adaptations, as Professor Coyne points out that there are several kinds of mimicry: visual, vibrational, audible, and smell mimicry. He also thinks that there are other mimicries to be found.

So click on this entry from Professor Coyne's website which by the time you get there will have even more responses, now including a couple from Zefrank. Dr. Coyne includes a link where many of the images ZeFrank used to make this video are found.

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