Monday, October 4, 2021

A Memorial Of Water

Environmental & Science Education, Water, Society, Nature

Ed Hessler

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Sunday Morning videographer Derek Davis visits the memorial (2m 11s) to those who died in this terrorist attack.

Perfect moments of  moving and falling water. 

If you read the comments you will notice that several dismiss this video as a "nature" segment.  In The New Yorker, Kathryn Schulz wrote an essay about nature writing and I borrow a few phrases from it. First we recall that this is a  city with coyotes, Red-Tailed Hawks, trees, oyster restoration projects in the harbor, experiences the spring and fall migrations of birds also provides a place for listeners and watchers that may "help them imagine a better future ... (gain the patience for) humility, empathy, and forbearance:the ability to set aside our own needs for a while, to listen, to stay calm, to keep working together toward a given end despite all the setbacks we encounter along the way." 

We are members of a shared community.

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