Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Training Computers to "Think" About Medicine

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Health, Medicine, Technology

Ed Hessler

It takes time and conscious instruction to learn to think as well as a partnership between teacher and learner. This is true in artificial intelligence as well although the relationship between the teacher(s) and the student are much, much different. Here the emphasis is on endless rounds of training and re-training--the acquisition of specific skills. Education refers to the acquisition of broad knowledge and skills as well as learning how to learn after one's eduction . Hyacinth Empinado introduces us to a training film. 

In this STAT video (4m 15s), "Hari Trivedi...department of radiology and imaging services at Emory University...explains step-by-step why it takes a village of researchers, doctors, and students across multiple institutions to select, clean, and double-check data that's going to be fed into AI programs."

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