Saturday, October 30, 2021

Climate Activists in Norway: End Norway's Oil and Gas Production

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Ed Hessler

--We had learned to extract oil and gas from al kinds of laces. Now we have to learn hoe to leave it in the ground in order to survive, to save civilization. It's that simple.--Steven Cowley, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (The New Yorker October 11, 2021) 

We have a deep dependence on fossil fuels and Norway is deeply implicated in supplying it to Europe. In this BBC science video (6m 30s), BBC's Europe correspondent Nick Beake talks with young climate activists in Norway. 

They are asking European judges to stop their government allowing more drilling for oil and natural gas which they view as a violation of human rights. The prime minister is also interviewed. This energy source has made Norway wealthy. On the other hand, Norway is essentially powered by renewable sources of energy,

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