Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Question of a Booster Vaccination

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Ed Hessler

This post is for information about boosters from a source I respect. It shows,how one physician, in practice, thinks about this problem as he considers the research. Make of it what you will.

The ImagineMD Physician Group (Chicago) has posted "the pros and cons of getting a third booster shot (or second if you got the J&J vaccine) against COVID-19."

To remind you of the format, first is described how the conclusions for each section were arrived at followed by a bottom line. At the end there is an overall conclusion. You may want to read the responses.

The answer to the question on whether one should get a booster vaccination is: "it depends on how likely you are to have a bad outcome if you contact COVID-19 as well as your specific goals in getting vaccinated."

The sections--each contains a review of the research AND the Bottom Line--are:

--Estimates of continuing vaccine effectiveness.

--What does waning effectiveness mean in the real world? 

--Benefits of a third shot.

--Risks of a third shot.

--What third shot should you get?


This entry includes a list of all previous posts (linked). The posts are written by Dr. Alex Lickerman who leads ImagineMD, a direct primary care private practice in Chicago.


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