Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Poem

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Ed Hessler 

Good morning from the Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), Hamline University on February 4, 2022. Some ways of looking at this  date include that it is the 35th day or 5 weeks, 5 days or 840 h or 9.54% of the year.

Sunrise is at 7:28 am and sunset is at 5:28 pm providing us 9h 56m 21s of sunlight.

Foodimentary celebrates "soup's on" day, National Homemade Soup Day with photos, facts and food history with National Day in agreement and expanding the description and possibilities, including links for three soups.

Quote.“A soup like this is not the work of one man. It is the result of a constantly refined tradition. There are nearly a thousand years of history in this soup.” — Willa Cather

Today's poem, Redwing, is by Tess Gallagher.

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