Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Tire Necklace Removal from a Crocodile

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Ed Hessler

Several months ago I posted about the successful removal of a belted car tire from the neck of an elk in Colorado, one it had worn a while.

Here is another story about the successful removal of a motorcycle tire from the throat area of a salt water crocodile in Palu, Indonesia. This one, it seems to me was a much more dangerous capture. It appears a rope snare was used and that is it--no tranquilizer, etc. 

Tili, "is a self-taught reptile rescuer," who "had been tracking the crocodile for three weeks before finally capturing it." There had been a rope failure the first time he entangled it. In the video Tili describes the event--another day at the office--and his passion for saving reptiles. The crocodile had worn this "necklace" for ~6 years. I've seen length measurements that range from 4m (~13') to 5.2m (~17'). In any event not small.

The removal was successful and the crocodile was released.

This is the BBC film (1m 05s).  I include a Jakarta source with more pictures and links.

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