Thursday, February 3, 2022

Richard Leakey: Obituary

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Ed Hessler 

"Richard was special," writes colleague and friend, Marta Mirzon Lahr (University of Cambridge, UK) in this Nature obituary. Continuing she notes that he was "-- fun, insightful, generous, with a sharp sense of humour, and a fabulous cook and sommelier. He embraced life, good and bad, and inbued those around him with the sheer excitement of what could be done, discovered, resolved and enjoyed."

Leaky died January 2, 2022, aged 77.  His contributions to the scientific story of human evolution were many and important. In addition, Leakey became a member of Parliament (Kenya) after creating the opposition party, Safina (Ark in Swahili), a significant booster of science in Kenya, a, a director of the Kenya Wildlife Service and was an ardent conservationist and relentless fighter against the ivory trade.

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