Friday, March 18, 2022

Friday Poem

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Ed Hessler

Welcome and good morning from the Center for Global Environmental Education at Hamline University, Saint Paul, MN on Friday, March 18, 2022, the 77th day of the year - 1848 hours.  The bite we've taken so far represents 21.10% of 2022. Sunrise is now at 7:19 am and sunset is 7:22 pm giving us 12h 3m 18s of daylight. Daylength is lengthening by what seems leaps each day now.

As you know astronomical spring, the vernal equinox, occurs at 10:33 am, this Sunday, March 20. Many of us think of it as the time when day and night are equal. They aren't. There is more daylight that day. The reason is explained in an article by Bruce McClure in EarthSky. The two reasons are that "the sun is a disk, not a point" and the atmosphere serves as a lens, a phenomenon known as atmospheric refraction. Light doesn't pass through our atmosphere in a straight line--it gets deflected, bent.

Foodimentary notes that it is National Sloppy Joe Day with a photograph, food finds and food history. National Day notes that it is Awkward Moments Day, National Small Business Development Centers Day, National Supreme Sacrifice Day, National Sloppy Joe Day (including 6 recipes), National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day (1 recipe), National Kick Butts Day, and National Biodiesel Day. I had no idea what a lacy oatmeal cookie was. It is a crispier oatmeal cookie. My preference is the softer oatmeal cookie with fat raisins. 

Quote. It might be worthwhile, sometimes, to inquire what Nature is, and how men work to change her, and whether, in the enforced destinations so produced, it is not natural to be so unnatural. -- Charles Dickens, Bleak House

Todays poem is by Clair Dunlap

And here is the painting which prompted the poem by Georgia O'Keefe.
Footnote: Finally, yes finally, the U.S. Senate has passed legislation "that would make daylight saving time permanent across the U.S. beginning int 2023." Hip hip hoorah!

h/t: MPR chief meteorlogist Paul Huttner pointed out the EarthSky article.

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