Saturday, March 26, 2022

Glaucomflecken General Hospital

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Ed Hessler 

Perhaps you've scrolled past or attended a session at Glaucomflecken General Hospital (GGH), even know some of the attending physicians.

The hospital and the staff are populated by eye surgeon, Dr. Will Flanagan. And by the numbers, he is a running away success -- 2.5 million subscribers across the platforms TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. His humor is barbed as STAT reports "notable because his jokes, delivered in short skits, plumb the inane depths of American health care." 

The skits provides "peers something to relate to and a growing audience of outsiders something to laugh at. GGH people are "pretty dysfunctional. But it's funny," says Dr. Flanagan. Clearly viewers agree.

You can learn more about Flanagan who writes, directs, edits, and stars, (playing all characters) in videos that deliver its punches and jabs " in about 90 seconds." This shortness is one of its great appeals.

Thanks to STAT for bringing this to my attention as well as to a wider audience.

Here is the YouTube link.

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