Saturday, November 19, 2022

2022 STAT Wunderkinds

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Nature of Science, Health, Medicine

Ed Hessler

What a pleasure to introduce the 2022 STAT Wunderkinds, of whom there are twenty-eight in this year's class. They were selected from more than 200 outstanding researchers. Among all of them are likely to be a few scientific superstars. Please meet each of them.

The range of research is wide and diverse including policy and drug pricing, molecular biology, and bioengineering, one of whom "has developed a printable ink made from bacteria."

There is a picture of each member of the 2022 class  and a brief description of their work. You can link to their stories. STAT published a short YouTube video (2 m 07 s) with three of them which may be seen here.

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