Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Ten Science (and Maths) Anniversaries of 2022

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Ed Hessler

--Science News notes its top ten science anniversaries from the death of a famous Persian mathematician to the birthday of "vaccination man," while sneaking in one of its own SN anniversaries. What a fascinating list, a reminder of the great lineage of science and maths.

The list and commentary is by Tom Siegfried, a contributing correspondent to SN, who introduces the article with this observation: "Even though it’s only even odds that 2022 will turn out to be less of a disaster than 2021 (or 2020), at least 2022 is the best recent year for compiling a Top 10 list of science anniversaries."

It includes a now extinct technology for doing mathematics, the slip-stick (slide rule, a K & E). The first one I ever owned was stolen and I replaced it with a very inexpensive plastic model that did all I ever asked of it (and quite capable of doing more). 

School days, dear old golden slide rule days. 


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