Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Purple Yam

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Ed Hessler

Many years ago in a workshop for teachers I didn't attend, a futurist had made a loaf of blue bread-standard recipe, only food coloring added to the dough. (also before gluten-free options). Upon offer not everyone was willing to try it but the presenter used the occasion to focus on "What if?" questions and change.

I thought of this story when I watched a CBS Sunday Morning presentation on "purple yam, a staple and rising export from the Philippines." It is "a feast for the eyes when used in cakes, pies, drinks or ice cream."

Correspondent Elaine Quijano provides an introduction to "the vivid violet tuber that's taking root in America in her report (3 m 23 s) on what is commonly referred to as "the ube."

Healthline reports on Ube's nutritional value. And, yes, they can be baked. I'd love one.

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