Sunday, November 13, 2022

A New illustration of The Universe

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Ed Hessler

I previously posted one of the following images which is included in a fresh look at the bigness of the cosmos. It was a reminder of what became an iconic film, Powers of Ten (1977), Eames Office, Chicago.

Graphic designer Pablo Carlos Budassi takes a different view - logarithmic - to fit everything from Earth to the edge of the observable universe into one image. The Eames brothers uses a linear scale; Budassi, a non-linear scale.

Here it is and it is nearly as glorious as the up and out, way-out, there, the cosmos. You can listen to the article as well as view all of the images so scroll down, accompanied with side notes. What a breathtaking journey it is. Keep in mind that it takes us to the limits of what is the currently observable. The website is well-named: BigThink.

This place was born in a hot Big Bang. Current research and scientific theory suggests it will end in spectacular fireworks as black dwarfs begin to explode ( totally) then the universe will be become both very dark and very cold. 

In summary, upheaval, the universe as we know it will befollowed by the barest whisper of a whimper.

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