Saturday, November 12, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse Vicariously

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I didn't see much of the total lunar eclipse in my small part of the world - just a few minutes when the clouds thinned and fissured. Perhaps you were fortunate enough to view more of it.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) for November 7 featured what for me is a surrogate. It is of a total lunar eclipse over Tajikistan. The question posed was "If the full Moon suddenly faded, what would you see?" Part of that answer is it all depends on where you are, e.g., in the city or in the country or in sparsely populated areas without night's urban glare.

The image is of a "dramatic time lapse video" (~1 m) taken in 2011. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Our non-dark skies prevent us from seeing what's "up there." There is music. My choice after watching it with and without the music is definitely without.

APOD also published this colorful composite image of a total lunar eclipse -  beginning, middle , and end.

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