Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Beavers: An Introduction

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Nature, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Biological Evolution

Ed Hessler 

True Facts devotes 13m 15s to beavers.

Here is the usual alert about the video.  The occasional bits of humor so typical of ZeFrank are there. As you know most make me groan, roll my eyes but when ZeFrank started this series he gave it the name "True Facts." They are facts supported by scientific evidence.

 He is known for accuracy and as you will see from the list of experts/organizations. scientific papers which he cites - although none are responsible for what he does with the information  or the video content - he can is careful--except when it comes to humor although many of his viewers disagree with this Victorian! You will find some comments from biologists who find the programs "hilarious, well researched, factually correct."

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