Monday, July 10, 2023

Bumblebee Flight

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"Another photo-and-text story from Athayde Tonhasca Junior" is found on Why Evolution is True (WEIT)" for May 20, 2023."

It is about an urban myth, including its birth, "that scientists have proved that bumblebees can't fly. But ... bumblebees carry on stubbornly contradicting science by doing what they are supposedly unable to do."

Athayde Tonhasca Junior tells us how they fly, noting "the flight of a bee is not mysterious or miraculous, but it is a complex and demanding activity. Bees resort to it judiciously for their survival." He also includes some comments on the management of pollinators' habitat along with some incredible observations that have been made on their behavior.

It is another of the author's carefully researched stories about science. First-rate science reporting from the web site of evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, Emeritus Professor, University of Chicago.

You may read it here.

h/t WEIT Website

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