Sunday, July 2, 2023

Brown Bearcam Alert

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Ed Hessler

The Brooks Falls Bearcam, Katmai National Park and Preserve (AK) is on. I read some viewer's comments, including this morning, and not anyone had yet seen a bear standing on the lip of Brooks Falls catch a leaping salmon.

There are favorite fishing spots and social hierarchies are evident. The ability to make a "fat" living always astounds me and is interesting to watch. This is "jaws and paws" fishing, whether fishing for live salmon or for recently caught salmon. What a life! a long winter sleep followed by fattening up to do it again.

The entry above notes "if you desire a more interactive experience, please visit our webcam partner's website," here.

I've never bookmarked the site and enter quickly through "bearcam" and Google does the rest.

There are discussions, notifications about upcoming discussions with rangers, reader comments, and quite a few cameras including one of salmon underwater and one atop Dumpling Mountain for panoramic views and views of snowcover. I visit it sometimes just to listen to the wind. It is a wonderful site and I check it nearly daily until closing time in the fall. Quite a few of the viewers who comment are quite knowledgeable about the bears, recognizing old friends and commenting on them.

For information about the fishers, brown bear, this FAQ from Katmai National Park and Preserve will answer most of your questions.

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