Saturday, July 1, 2023

Software in the Cause of Elephants

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Ed Hessler

The Where I Work column by Hannah Docter-Loeb for Nature June 26, 2023 is about Jes Lefcourt who uses his talents as a software developer who notes that he is "passionate about the environment and everything related to it. ... But my first entry into conservation work was at National Geographic, where I learnt how technology can help with tangible problems, such as tracking elephant migration."

He joined EarthRanger, "a technology platform (which) collects, integrates and displays data and combines them with field reports on everything from animal traps to landslides. ... Before EarthRanger, these data were recorded on paper or spread across databases." The EarthRanger site includes photos, a video as well as other information about their work.

Lefcourt is listed as director of conservation for the Allen Institute of AI which owns the EarthRanger platform.

I'm an enthusiast of these columns who hopes you will take a look at this entry. There are many ways to pursue passion and interest in science, maths, engineering, computer science - from bench and field to their applications in other areas.

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