Monday, July 17, 2023

True Facts: Animal Awards

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Ed Hessler

--True Facts is not appropriate for children nor for adults who don't act like children."--Dislaimer, True Facts

Here is the True Facts Animal Awards: Best Worst Jumping and More video (11m 07s).

The disclaimer above is, as responder "Yeahsure" wrote, the "Best disclaimer ever." It's accurate. I'm don't always find Ze Frank funny but I'm a great fan and admirer of his videos. Each requires a considerable investment of time and work. Accurate (true is perfect, true based on what is known), painstakingly researched, acknowledgements made to experts and with a literature cited list.

Ze Frank's stand up comedy is also at work. And let's face it as so many children's books have stated and explained, everyone poops, e.g., see this outstanding book by Taro Gomi. Amazon allows a peek inside. And as you know poop is of interest to some scientists in sciences as diverse as paleontology, ecology, biochemistry,m physiology and behavioral ecology..

You might want to take some time to scan the responses. There are more than 2100 at the time I write this--a while ago.

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