Thursday, October 5, 2023

2023 IgNobel Prizes

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Nature of Science

Ed Hessler

Somewhere I noticed an announcement of the 2023 IgNobel Prizes, a long time event at Harvard University. I finally checked a few reporting sources looking for a full story and its a good one.

Ars Technica included the origin of the prizes and this year's winners.

It is all about scientists loving the fun that can be made of their work.

The award ceremony is a hoot and "features miniature operas, scientific demos, and the 24/7 lectures." In the lectures "experts explain their work twice: once in 24 seconds and the second in just seven words." Each prize includes a citation. Links throughout.

I can't find one for the actual event where you could see it all. One of the most famous lines is "I'm bored." I'm bored!" which begin almost as soon as the event starts. No long-winded introductions.

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