Tuesday, October 10, 2023

How Hummers Meet their Caloric Needs

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Ed Hessler

BirdAcademy, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology has a long - worth the time - YouTube presentation (1 h 32 s) on how humming birds use energy.

The description announcing the event provides a short description. "Hummingbirds delight with their brilliant colors and dizzying flight. But all that nonstop activity comes at a high energy cost, so how do hummers meet their calorie needs? Join researchers Anusha Shankar from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Erich Eberts from the University of Toronto Scarborough as they share what they’ve learned about how hummingbirds use energy. Discover the demands of migration, the nesting season, and even just getting through the night; plus learn how sleep differs from torpor. We’ll also spend time answering your questions about these flying jewels during live Q&A."

It was a webinar, moderated by Cornell Lab's Chelsea Benson. It includes the questions and answers given at the time of presentation. So one way of shortening viewing time is to not listen to the Q&A. However, the questions shed still more light on the general question.


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