Saturday, October 7, 2023

Owls And Humans In Shared Environment: An Online Event

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Behavior, Nature, Wildlife

Ed Hessler.

Owls are fascinating and elusive birds — masterful hunters and age-old symbols of wisdom and knowledge. While their acute senses and physical adaptations help them survive and succeed in nature, owls have a curious charisma and surprising social skills when closely observed.

Join owl expert Kevin J. McGowan from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology and ecologist Carl Safina, author of Alfie and Me: What Owls Know, What Humans Believe, for an in-depth look into the complex lives of owls and how humans might live among them in harmony and with respect.

This is a free Online event, October 10, 2023 which begins at 1pm EDT (12:00 pm CST).  I think they meant ET but no matter the time in the central part of the US is noon, 12::00. Register here as well as for more information.

Lunch and a seminar!

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