Thursday, October 19, 2023

Snowfly Adaptation

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Ed Hessler

What do you do when you get cold in winter? It is certainly not what snowflies do, which is this subject of a fascinating study available in an accessible paper in Current Biology (26 September 2023), "Snow flies self-amputate freezing limbs to sustain behavior at sub-zero temperatures."  A 12-page PDF is also accessible. This event is very unlikely ever to be seen in the wild so must be studied in the laboratory.

The paper includes a whimsical graphical abstract, highlights and a summary which precede the full body of the paper. 
The paper includes a graphic of a snowfly, photograph showing collection sites, photograph of the mountain site, a schematic of the thermal imaging set-up with important and helpful graphs on temperature related results, a photograph of the leg-snip (auto-amputation), triggers with a comparison of a related species and the snowfly summarized in a chart, and at the end full access to details about the methods. The supplemental information includes acknowlegements and the contributions of the authors.

The paper ends on a disheatening note. a reminder of changes affecting the planet, global warming and habitat destruction. "We may have limited time to study these species before they disappear altogether."

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