Thursday, April 25, 2024

Deer Hunting In The Big Ten: First Ever Power Rankings

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Ed Hessler

In the opening to an article for the Star Tribune (April 5, 2024), outdoor writer Tony Kennedy asks:  "Ever wonder how Minnesota stacks up against its peers in deer hunting?"
It is accompanied by a table - color coded by highest, middle and lowest rankings - compiled by the Star Tribune's C.J. Sinner and Joe Rull in which the rankings are parsed "across six metrics."

And finally, the methodology is described.

I've returned to it several times and expect to continue doing that. This story is fascinating not only for hunters and non-hunters and I strongly commend it.  Disclosure: I am no longer a deer or other game hunter, stopping when I moved here.

And I'm deeply grateful to the writers and to the Star Tribune for making it available to subscribers who might want to take another look or who have already recycled the paper and to non-subscribers.

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