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The Journal Nature Podcast for April 10, 2024

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Ed Hessler

Here is the Nature Podcast for April 10, 2024. Below is a guide to the features.

00:46 Mapping ‘ghost roads’ in tropical forests

Across the world, huge numbers of illegal roads have been cut into forests. However, due to their illicit nature, the exact numbers of these roads and their impacts on ecosystems is poorly understood. To address this, researchers have undertaken a huge mapping exercise across the tropical Asia-Pacific region. Their findings reveal over a million kilometres of roads that don’t appear on official maps, and that their construction is a key driver for deforestation.

10:44 Research Highlights

How climate change fuelled a record-breaking hailstorm in Spain, and an unusual technique helps researchers detect a tiny starquake.

Research Highlight: Baseball-sized hail in Spain began with a heatwave at sea.

Research Highlight: Smallest known starquakes are detected with a subtle shift of color. 

13:02 Briefing Chat

A clinical trial to test whether ‘mini livers’ can grow in a person’s lymph node, and the proteins that might determine left-handedness.

Nature News: 'Mini liver' will grow in person's own lymph node in bold new trial.

Nature News: Right- or left-handed? Protein in embryo cells might help decide

Nature Video: How would a starfish wear trousers? Science has an answer.

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