Sunday, April 21, 2024

Sense of Direction in Humans

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Behavior, Science & Society, Culture, Biological Evolution

Ed Hessler

It is no secret that people have different navigational abilities but the reasons why have not been studied as much as showing that they do.
In an article by Bob Holmes in "Knowable Magazine" (4/10/2024) he discusses recent research that "suggests that to some extent, navigation skills are shaped by upbringing."

The use of new technology, the evidence of nurturing v. innate ability, association with cultural factors, whether there is a  gender gap, cognitive factors, how we use mental maps, pros and cons of GPS, limitations of current research and directions for further research are discussed in enough detail to give you a good sense of the research field. 
In addition, the widely used navigation research instrument, the Santa Barbara Sense of Direction Scale is shown.

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