Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Noticing Nature

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Ed Hessler

So is it spring yet? Where is it spring? How is spring advancing in its journey to our part of the world?

The National Phenology Network has a marvelous web site on the Status of Spring in the United States. "Billings, MT is 6 days early, Kalamazoo, MI is 15 days early, and Providence, RI is 4 days early compared to a long-term average of 1991-2020."

Users can locate where "the green wave" is and when it arrives how it compares to some two decades of data.

About phenology from the NPN which is a thorough discussion.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MnDNR) has a web page on phenology which reports "some recent spring phenology for a site in Maplewood just north of St. Paul". It includes lists of events of 1st Redwing Blackbird heard, frost out of the ground, first Western Chorus Frogs heard, first Dandelions, Crabapples blooming, and Lilacs Blooming.
Minnesota has a phenology network and if you use a search engine using say Minnesota Phenology Network you can learn about their activities. And they have already been active, including a conference in March.

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