Thursday, April 4, 2024

Do People, The World Over, Care About Climate Change And The Need For Action?


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Ed Hessler

Our World in Data's Hannah Ritchie begins an essay with  "People across the world, and the political spectrum, underestimate levels of support for climate action" and launches into some comments about the powerful role of perception gaps.

Ritchie has to use surveys and notes that they "can produce" unreliable data and she tried to counteract this by reviewing "several reputable reports." The data are reported on countries worldwide.

Ritchie includes data on and discussion of the following:

--belief in climate change and doing something about it

--government should do more

--the underestimate of such support

--the underestimate of the willingness of others to take action

--why "perception gaps" exist and that this gap has been reported before on another topic

--on what the current debate is about--the best solutions and not on whether we should take action

--what these findings mean for communicating about climate change which is summarized by a need to engage with (people's) legitimate concerns about the effectiveness and possible negative impacts of these changes."

It may be read here.


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