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Goldman Environmental Prize Awards--2018

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Edward Hessler

The Goldman Environmental Prize honors grassroots environmental heroes from the world's six inhabited continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands & Island Nations, North America, and South & Central America. The prize highlights the achievement of ordinary people who take extraordinary actions to protect the natural world.

The focus of the awards includes protecting endangered ecosystems and species, combating destructive development projects, promoting sustainability, influencing environmental policies, and striving for environmental justice. Recipients are often men and women "from isolated villages or inner cities who choose to take great personal risks to safeguard the environment."

The Goldman Prize provides grassroots environmental leaders international recognition, worldwide visibility for their issues and financial support to pursue their vision.

The 2018 Goldman Environmental Prize winners were announced on April 23, 2018.They are:

Africa--Makoma Lekalakala & Liz McDaid. Exposed a massive nuclear deal between South Africa and Russia.

South and Central America (Columbia)--Francia Marquez. Stopped illegal mining on ancestral land.

Asia (Vietnam)--Khanh Nguy Thi. Led development of sustainable long-term energy projections.

Islands and Island Nations (The Philippines)--Manny Calonzo. Enacted a national ban on production, use, and sale of lead paint.

North America (United States)--LeeAnne Walters. Exposed the Flint Michigan water crisis.

Europe (France)--Claire Nouvian. Advocacy campaign against destructive fishing practices of deep ocean bottom trawling.

I was struck by the use of data, evidence and science throughout as well as the interaction of science and society. The recipients are as remarkable as you would expect, people of persistence, patience, passion and intelligence. Deserving of this recognition, too.

The work of the current recipients, a short video and photographs are found here. The comments following the general descriptions are worth a look.

For information about the founders of the prize see here.

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