Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scientists At Work: Photographs

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Nature of Science
Edward Hessler

Winners and the runner-ups in Nature's 2018 #ScientistAtWork can be viewed here.

There were 330 entries which ranged from images of researchers at work around the world to depictions of their actual work. The entries were judged by a panel of Nature journalists and art editors.

The editorial introducing the photographs, quotes US photographer Berenice Abbott on the power of photography as a public interpreter of science. "To obtain wide popular support for science, to that end that we may explore this vast subject even further and bring as yet unexplored areas under control, there needs to be a friendly interpreter between science and the layman. I believe that photography can be this spokesman, as no other form of expression can be.”

I recommend you read the Nature editorial which introduces this collection very nicely.

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