Thursday, May 3, 2018

Year of the Bird

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I promised to provide monthly updates from the Laboratory of Ornithology on the Year of the Bird-- a year-long celebration of birds.  These updates are about being an active participant in citizen science.

I've been a complete failure.  So I make another start. And it is a weak one at that since I'm not giving anyone much lead time to participate in one of them.

Here is the May menu.

--Join the Laboratory of Ornithology's quest to record more than half the world's species for Global Big Day or to put it another way, "how many birds can you see in a single day?", May 5. Fortunately Global Big Day is generous in thinking about what constitutes a day. It can be a real day or, the part I like so much about it, an hour or even a few minutes. This means that if you have a bird feeder you can watch and record, say while you are eating. It is easy to participate and one goal seems to be in noticing and appreciating.

--You can become a partner with Audubon to help discover how birds are reacting to climate change by participating in Climate Watch. The next survey will take place May 15 - June 15, 2018.

Both of these are age friendly and engaging.

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