Saturday, October 24, 2020

2020 MacArthur Fellows

Environmental & Science Education, STEM, Art and Environment, Society, Culture

Ed Hessler

The MacArthur Foundation has announced its 2020 MacArthur Fellows, the awards that are commonly called the "genius awards."  Each awardee receives a "no strings attached" fellowship in support of people not projects with a $625,000 stipend paid in quarterly installments over five years."

The announcement notes that “In the midst of civil unrest, a global pandemic, natural disasters, and conflagrations, this group of 21 exceptionally creative individuals offers a moment for celebration. They are asking critical questions, developing innovative technologies and public policies, enriching our understanding of the human condition, and producing works of art that provoke and inspire us.”

There is information about the awards plus information on each awardee here which includes a short video (~1m). This year's group of 21 awardees represent a range of human activities and interests A to Z or to put it another way, from art to zebras (evolutionary genetics). Minneapolis is among the cities represented (Masonic Institute of the Developing Brain and the UMN Medical School).

In addition you may read about the six finalists chosen in competition for the $100 million grant in the MacArthur 100&Change program as well as learn more about the selection process.. One will be chosen from these candidates in 2021

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