Friday, October 23, 2020

Friday Poem

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Edward Hessler 

Good morning from St. Paul on day number 297 of 2020 (205th workday), October 23 with 81.15% of the year gone (7128 hours).

Sunlight today: 10h 33m 44s with the sun rising at 7:39 am and setting at 6:11 pm. Here it is typical overcast bright with very light snow.

Today's quote: "You don't see many situations comedies about a group of fun-loving virologists and epidemiologists. For a reason."--Vaccinologist Paul Offit, advisory panelist for the US Food and Drug Administration.

Today's poem is by Miles Ranter (about whom I could find nothing).

PS Added--How could I forget that today is National Mole Day, the annual commemoration of Avogadro's number, one of the basic measuring units in chemistry?  It begins at 6:02 am and ends 6:02 pm, i.e., 6.92 x 10^23. The National Mole Day Foundation has information and ideas on how to celebrate it as well as its importance in science.

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