Thursday, October 22, 2020

Science Journal Editorials on Poltics and Science

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Ed Hessler

Recently I've noticed that science journals, on their editorial pages, have been both critical of president Trump and the administration as well as publishing endorsements for Joe Biden's candidacy for that highest U. S. office. These have been in both domestic and international journals--Science (AAAS), Nature (Great Britain), and the New England Journal of Medicine. They all have very large readerships.

I could be mistaken and this may be a more common practice than I've paid any attention in the past. It seems new to me.

Recently the British journal Nature published an editorial in which they defended this practice and promised more of it in future. The attacks on science practice and practitioners is not something they choose anymore to only observe and not comment.

So it was not a surprise to find an endorsement--Why Nature Supports Joe Biden for US President.  

Make of it what you will. It may provide some light on Biden's concerns and issues he plans to face that have a deep basis in science, many some of the most consequential policy issues today.

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